Dear Delegates, dear Chairs and dear Faculty Advisors, 


Last year, the COVID-19 pandemic caused many casualties in the entire world. Due to the uncertainty, we had to cancel MUNESRM 2020. However, WE ARE BACK! We are proud to pronounce and invite you to MUNESRM 2021. 


MUNESRM 2021 will be an online conference from the 5th to the 7th of March 2021, but only available for students of the European School Rhein Main. Unfortunatly, this means delegates from other schools will not be able to take part, due to the strict Covid-19 restictions. It is the safest, as well as the closest to the normal MUN conference. We are promising that the conference will be a lot of fun and we hope to see you all in MUNESRM 2021. 


Kind Regards, 

The Secretary Generals 

Shriya Rastogi and Stav Oppenheimer